Winter Night Campfire

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Come with us for dinner around the campfire. We'll share stories together as we cook over open flames. Listen to the fire crackle and the waves break against the shores as you enjoy an evening in the winter night. If we are lucky, we might even see the Northern Lights while we enjoy our campfire meal. 

This activity is a minimum impact activity. We'll meet you in the city centre and go together on public transport to the waters edge. Together, we will make a cosy campfire which we'll cook our meal on. We'll sit around on mats on the frost or snow covered ground & share stories about our campfire experiences & about campfire culture in Northern Norway. Relax by the campfire with hot chocolate before boarding the public bus back to Tromsø city centre. Though there is never a guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights we can sometimes 

Season: 1st September - 15th April 
Duration: 3 hours 
Group size: 8 people (Minimum of 2 adults to confirm the tour)
Minimum age: 6 years old (please assess your child's comfort & safety for this activity)
Meeting time: 17:50 in front of the Scandic Ishavhotel Fredrik Langes gate 2, 9008 Tromsø | 18:50 from March 26 - April 15
Departure: 18:00 | 19:00 March 26 - April 15
Return: Guide will board the bus with you and advise the best bus stop for you to disembark based on your accommodation in the city centre. The guide will disembark at Wandering Owl office.
Carbon emmission: 8.3kg; offset by Chooose 
About the meal: The meal provided is homemade soup. We provide bread to go with the soup which we cook together on the fire. Wandering Owl has partnered up with local farms to ensure as many ingredients are as locally sourced as possible (depends on the season). All ingredients have been evaluated for their ecological and social footprint. Please let us know in the booking if you have any allergies. All our soups are gluten-free, and all our food and drinks are vegan.
Inclusions: Warm homemade soup , biscuits & hot chocolate, all cooking equipment needed for the fire.

Safety considerations: The tour involves some walking (at least 200m); the conditions may be icy, slippery, uneven, muddy, snowy, or otherwise. The temperatures may be extremely cold (sometimes below -18) please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing.

Important information

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- It's a great idea to dress in layers, so as you warm up or cool down you can add and remove layers. We suggest: woolen base layer, woolen sweater, down mid layer and a shell or or windproof jacket as the final layer. Jeans, especially skinny jeans aren't windproof nor do they have any thermal qualities. High heels and fashion shoes are unsuitable.
- We suggest to download WhatsAPP before travelling to Norway. We prefer to use WhatsAPP or email when communicating with our guests. Remember to keep your phone handy on the day of the tour incase we need to make last minute changes or communicate with you.
- We never cancel simply because the forecast says it might be cloudy.  

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Online Aurora Photography course

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This specialised photography course focuses on aurora photography. The masterclass includes detailed information and training to get you prepared to photography the Northern Lights. The course is 100% online, so you can study & get prepared before your holiday. The price for this add on is normally NOK 1350;-


Always travel with travel insurance & please read the terms and conditions before booking Guests must complete the link sent to them via the confirmation email in order to receive their dietary requirements, equipment and photographs and the eWaiver sent to them alongside this. Please ensure you read and understand the "Additional Safety Considerations relevant for winter season 2020/21" before booking. This must be displayed according to Norwegian taxation law: This tour (product) consists of three components: Component 1: Transportation 0% of the tour (component taxed at 12%) Component 2: Food 17,27% of the tour (component taxed at 15%) Component 3: Guiding 82,73% of the tour (component taxed at 0%) There is a non - refundable booking handling and labour fee of 200nok per booking.

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