Northern Lights Quick Facts | Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge

Nothing beats the Northern Lights. They are otherworldly, outer this world! It’s honestly not surprising the vast number of folk stories and explanations that have been created to explain this. Yet, what are these lights exactly, and what is causing them? And of course, why do they only appear at such high latitudes? This expose […]

Sustainability Action Plan | A good time to care

What is a sustainability Action Plan and why is it important for tour operators? Good question. A sustainability action plan in tourism holds significant value by promoting responsible practices that benefit the environment, host communities, travelers, and the industry as a whole. It fosters long-term sustainability, enhances reputations, and positions destinations and businesses for success […]

Varde Quality Endorsed

In winter season 2022 2023 Wandering Owl became quality endorsed by Varde. Varde is a local company that endeavours to audit different operators tours and to measure them against a strict criteria. Using a secret shopper method with ongoing follow up, Varde has indeed created a quality control measurement system with meaning. Excitingly, our Aurora […]

Getting to Tromsø by land & sea

If you are anything like us, you’ll want to get to Tromsø by land and sea. Many of our guests have asked us – how do we get there with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This post has your questions answered. Here is everything you need to know about getting to Tromsø by […]

Nightlife & cafe lifestyle – Owl Picks

Our fav restaurants Top picks for cafes Frø – Top pick for locally sourced ingredients and plant based foods, especially vegan and gluten free. Frø is especially known for their pancakes- peace, love and pancakes. Located on Storgata, this cafe is easy find and has plenty of space to sit down, take off the layers […]

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