Northern Lights Quick Facts | Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge

Nothing beats the Northern Lights. They are otherworldly, outer this world! It’s honestly not surprising the vast number of folk stories and explanations that have been created to explain this. Yet, what are these lights exactly, and what is causing them? And of course, why do they only appear at such high latitudes? This expose […]

Bli med oss ​​på Senja med sommerkajakkturer

Villmarken er rett rundt hjørnet! Ta en nærmere titt på den norske kystlinjen med sine vakre sommerøyer mens du kajakker gjennom arktiske farvann. Utforsk den sørlige delen av Senja sine småøyer. Opplev noe av det beste den norske kystlinjen har å by på av fjorder, øyer og fjell. Under turen vil vi finne det beste […]

Kayak On The Wild Side In Senja

Kayaking in Senja is really on the wild side. Imagine paddling through crystal clear water with stunning white sands underneath. Look down to spot star fish, sea urchins, cod, pike and keep your eyes peeled above to see eagles, gulls and terns. Wilderness is just around the corner! Take a closer look at Norwegian summer […]

Northern Lights Tour Tromso | The Place To Be For A Show Extraordinaire

Joining for a Northern Lights tour in Tromso is a must for all who come to the north of Norway. As you know from our post, How hard is it really to find the Northern Lights, it isn’t usually easy. Though it is true, we often see some activity in the city centre, this is […]

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