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Travel is one of those things that naturally gives rise to queries, concerns and doubts, so we’re here to put your mind at ease. Which trip is right for me? What do I do about cameras? How much do I tip? Is this city Vegan friendly? For questions frequent and otherwise, this is the spot.

Northern Lights

Troms√ł is the only city in the world to be in the heart of the Aurora Oval, along the gulf stream, have a network of surrounding microclimates & be in the Aurora sweet spot, for these reasons, no other city compares to¬†Troms√ł if your goal is to see the Northern Lights.¬†

Troms√ł is located in¬†the heart of the Aurora Oval. The Aurora Oval is an oval-shaped belt that runs¬†around¬†the earth at both the top and the bottom. The belt is the area that can see activity depending on the KP. As Troms√ł¬†remains in the heart of the belt, it is possible to see the Northern Lights even at a¬†KP 1 or less.¬†¬†

Troms√ł¬†is 70 degrees north. This means that¬†Troms√ł¬†is situated¬†in the Aurora sweet spot; the nights are dark enough to see activity¬†consistently from September until¬†mid-April¬†and far enough north that activity is visible even on a¬†KP¬†1.¬†¬†In regards to¬†the¬†KP, don’t worry too much about this. If there is any solar activity in the Northern hemisphere then we would see it here, assuming there are gaps in the¬†clouds¬†and it is dark. This is because¬†Troms√ł¬†is located at 70 degrees north.¬†

Troms√ł¬†is located in¬†a region with an exceptional number of microclimates.¬†Each valley, fjord, mountain, and plateau can have significantly different conditions to the neighboring¬†region, this means that even on very cloudy¬†evenings it is possible to clear skies within a 2 ‚Äď 3 hr drive.¬†The environmental conditions here are very dynamic, conditions can¬†change so fast that it¬†is impossible to predict the¬†cloud coverage¬†pattern¬†even¬†within¬†a few days. The reason the forecasts and apps are so unreliable here is that we have¬†so many deep¬†valleys, fjords, inland plateau, and the gulf stream.¬†The forecasts and apps do not account for these other regions, nor is checking the conditions in¬†Troms√ł¬†representative of the other regions.¬†

Troms√ł¬†is¬†in the gulf stream, this island surrounded by ocean water that has traveled¬†across the Atlantic and up the Norwegian coast. This beautiful¬†‚Äėwarm‚Äô¬†water is straight from the¬†Caribbean, keeping¬†Troms√ł¬†surprisingly warm even throughout winter. Expect that in the heart of winter that temperatures in the city will likely go between 1 and ‚Äď6 with exceptionally cold days reaching ‚Äď10 or colder. The coldest day on record was a brisk ‚Äď18 degrees.¬†As most travelers stay in Troms√ł¬†city, this means that¬†the majority of¬†their stay is comfortable¬†and suitable for the whole family. However, don‚Äôt be fooled, just one hour inland into one of the deep valleys and away from the gulf stream, it is often a fresh ‚Äď20 to ‚Äď30 degrees.¬†As tour companies often go inland on evening Aurora Hunts, most have age restrictions in order to protect those vulnerable to such temperatures and too small to regulate their body temperatures properly.¬†¬†

Before you book your trip to Tromso please check this article to ensure you have accessed all the information you need for planning your holiday to Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The northern lights season starts in late September and lasts until the beginning of April. The probability of seeing the northern lights depends on solar activity and the availability of clear, dark skies. Solar activity can be slightly higher in autumn and spring, but the winter season provides increased periods of darkness each day (particular in Tromso!) therefore more time during the darkness to see the activity. However, winter weather in Tromso can be highly variable and it is impossible to guarantee which days the skies will be cloud-free and clear enough to view the lights.

We advise you to plan your trip based on other factors such as flight prices, tour availability, and your personal schedule. We also suggest, if possible, to plan multiple nights for attempting to see the lights (we are happy to assist your search as many nights as you wish!) to increase your chances in case of poor weather or low solar activity on a single night.

You can also consider what additional activities you would enjoy in Tromso! Whale-watching is possible from October-January, Husky, or reindeer sledding usually between November and March and if you enjoy winter sports, snow conditions are usually best in late winter and spring as the sun begins to return to the north.

Before you book your trip to Tromso please check this article to ensure you have accessed all the information you need for planning your holiday to Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is possible to strike out when driving yourself, however, it has taken us years to gain the knowledge and understanding of the regional microclimates that we have.¬†Most people are not aware of where to go or what to look out for,¬†this is why we think joining a tour is the safest in order to have the best chances to see the Northern Lights.¬†Part of what guests pay for is our teams’ knowledge and experience.¬†
Driving in the winter here can be extremely dangerous. Please consider your experience with unstable winter driving conditions, safety, and those of others on the road before deciding to rent a vehicle in the winter. 

Just because it is cloudy in Troms√ł city doesn’t mean it will be elsewhere. Troms√ł forecasts are not at all indicative of the regional micro-climates.

The environmental conditions here are very dynamic. Changes occur so fast that it’s impossible to predict the pattern within a few days. Our guides are experienced in reading short-term constantly updated¬†weather forecasts and they do their best to find gaps within cloud cover to spot the northern lights. In addition, the weather you experience in Troms√ł city center is not necessarily representative of where the tour will be heading.

I am afraid we do not offer a second tour for free if you will not have the chance to see the Northern Lights during the first Tour. The cloud coverage and solar activity¬†are the main factors to see the Aurora Borealis and unfortunately, we cannot control or accurately predict them since it is nature ūüôā We seldom cancel tours, but we do so if the weather is dangerous and it is not safe to drive. If this is the case, you will of course get a full refund for the tour.

The Aurora Hunt Tour is a full outdoor experience which includes the transportation, the work of our qualified guides who are also professional photographers and take pictures which will be sent after the tour, a homemade meal (soup, cookies, hot drinks), the equipment we prepare for the tour such as thermal suits and winter boots as well as the tripods.

Still, we can consider rescheduling people to another day if the environmental conditions should look really unfavorable, assuming we have enough capacity in the upcoming days to offer this. We will not offer free cancellation if the conditions are predicted to be safe to run the tour.

To give you peace of mind, last Aurora season we took statistics and learned that we saw activity on 81% of evenings, this is especially remarkable because we had two Polar Low systems that came through, back to back and there was heavy cloud cover for most of the season. Our success rate is due to the knowledge and experience of our guides and drivers as well as the supportive framework provided by the rest of the team that enables them to excel.

We offer discounts when booking a package. Usually, we advise booking beforehand since Aurora Hunt is our most popular tour, often fully booked several days in advance.

Wandering Owl does not offer you a discount or refund for not seeing the Northern Lights or feeling disappointed by what you have seen. We cannot guarantee this natural phenomenon nor can we control this. We have very clearly outlined that we do not guarantee this and no refunds or discounts are on offer. To increase your chances, we suggest booking multiple nights but please be emotionally prepared that you still may not see the Northern Lights. The costs involved in running this activity are the same regardless if we do or do not see activity. We are creating a tour that is in the arctic wilderness, we have ensured it is interesting and cosy enough even without the activity. 

The tour is to try and find gaps in the clouds, safely. Guests must have realistic expectations regarding this, it is possible that you may not see the Northern Lights, they may just be a gentle glow or a simple line. If you are expecting the best evening of the season, it is statistically likely that you will be disappointed to some extent.

It is important for you to communicate with your guide regarding how you are feeling and what you are expecting. Guides will assume you are feeling satisfied unless otherwise communicated. They only have the opportunity to meet your expectations during the tour, not afterwards. If you are feeling disappointed on the tour, please consider that other guests may not feel the same as you, frequently expressing your disappointment may negatively impact their experience.

Guests have our word that we will try our best every night of the season to find gaps in the clouds for you. We will drive up to 3.5 hours (if that is where the gaps are) in any direction every night of the week if this is what it takes for us. Our team understands how far you have travelled and how important it is for you to experience this; therefore, we promise we will always try our best. 

The first thing to understand about an Aurora Hunt is that you are not chasing Northern Lights. The Aurora activity occurs at least 80km above our biosphere, this means if there is any activity, we will see it if we can find darkness and gaps in the clouds. Therefore, the real hunt is to find ample gaps in the clouds. 

Northern Light tours are different every night, the conditions are ever-changing, this means that the locations change sometimes even during the evening. For this reason, we have broken the tour into three sections. 

Section one: Pick ‚Äď up,¬†departure & driving to the location.¬†
We ask all guests to arrive 10 minutes early to the pickup point. This is because we need to leave at departure time. If a guest is delayed, we cannot wait for them as this may result in the group missing out on finding a parking spot for the camp and ultimately to miss valuable opportunities to see the Northern Lights. 

Once we meet you at the pickup location we will confirm your name against our manifest, our guides may request to see your id to ensure you are the right person and to ensure any children booked are the approved age, for safety reasons. We’ll ask you to sign our liability release form and privacy agreement before entering our vehicle. It is compulsory for you to sign this agreement to be accepted on tour. If you would like to read this thoroughly in advance, to save time, you can find it here. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our office in advance. If you wish to cancel the tour at the pickup, no refunds or rebooking is on offer.

The tour depends a lot on the distances that need to be covered by the driver and the driving conditions experienced on the tour. If you are joining our Private Aurora Hunt and the driving conditions are challenging, then the guide (who will be driving) will be required to focus on the driving, not providing a running commentary on the surroundings. This is for safety reasons. However, if you are in the minibus (Aurora Hunt), the guide will not be driving and will be able to communicate with you during the activity. Generally, the guide will be engaged with guests about 3/3rds of the driving time unless it is indicated otherwise by the guests that they’d prefer to talk amongst themselves or rest. 

The driving could take any time between 30 minutes and 3 ¬Ĺ hours. Wherever possible the driver will stop¬†in order for¬†guests to use a toilet. However, this is a tour into the wilderness, please expect that there may not be toilet opportunities. You can always go into the wilderness.¬†

At some point during the evening, the guide will offer you your thermal suits and boots. We have taken the sizes you have provided and matched them to the shoe size recommended by the manufacturer.

Section 2:  On location 

Every evening is completely different. Some evenings the gaps in the clouds are predicted in one area, at one, therefore it makes the most sense to go there, secure a good parking spot and set up camp and wait, other evenings we need to depart succinctly and drive long distances, sometimes with only a toilet stop in order to find gaps in the clouds.

On some evenings the guide may be able to spend hours taking photos for guests and chatting, on other evenings they may be required to continually check the environmental condition reports and be in contact with other local guides regarding what they are seeing or not seeing to make an assessment and decision on their hunt locations. 

During the evening the guide will decide a location as their main camp. Here they will light a fire (conditions dependent) and serve the hot meal. This is a wonderful opportunity for travelers to mingle around the campfire, learn about the region, and of course to get to know each other.

Section 3: 

Before departing for¬†Troms√ł¬†the guide will retrieve all hire equipment from the guest. It is important for the guest to return the equipment undamaged to avoid replacement or damage charges.¬†The guide will then pack the vehicle and you will depart for¬†Troms√ł. Where possible the guide will stop for a toilet break. You will arrive back in¬†Troms√ł¬†between 00:00 and 01:30 (exceptional circumstances may arise to delay the return¬†eg¬†reduced visibility whilst driving). It is important for the guide to be back¬†in order for¬†their fatigue to be properly managed. On evenings where no activity for seen, the guide may stop on the return trip to see if they can see anything.¬†

After returning to¬†Troms√ł¬†you will be dropped off to your accommodation on¬†Troms√ł¬†island (Troms√łya). Your guide will provide you with edited and watermarked jpg files in web-sized resolution within 3 days¬†of the tour finishing. If you have not received your images within 3 days and have not heard from our office Owls regarding any delay, then please reach out to us via email or phone. We need a¬†Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail¬†account to send the images to.¬†

There is not enough darkness in the summer to see the Northern Lights. During the summer the sun does not set, this means we experience up to 24 hours of daylight and enjoy the midnight sun circling above us. The activity is still occurring, we just can’t see it!

Though this is not a good time to see the Aurora Borealis, it is a great place for a summer vacation that is off the beaten track!

The main limitations are: 
РIncorrect forecast for the environmental conditions 
РRoad closures, icing risks or avalanche risks preventing us from going into an area where gaps in the clouds are more likely 
–¬†Human limitations regarding temperatures they can physiologically withstand safely¬†(Extreme example).¬†
РHuman limitations regarding time management, if guests are delayed to the pick, delayed to get dressed or use a bathroom etc it can be the difference between making it to an area without light pollution and gaps in the clouds or missing the gaps in the clouds (Extreme example). 
Season 2019/2020 was the lowest year of the Aurora cycle. The Arctic experienced nearly 6 weeks of high cloud coverage (fluctuating temperatures going between + – degrees on an almost daily basis). Our extensive local knowledge and experience meant we still saw activity on 81% of evenings and we can thank our experienced guides for their commitment and our other supporting Owls for creating a Nest where our guides and drivers can excel, even in the toughest of conditions. As we say; never lose hope in the morning!

Every single day they are different and in different parts of the world they can look different depending on the gases burning. We have created a gallery for you to see exactly how different they can look on different nights, depending on the environmental conditions. It is true, many people do photoshop their images, however, Wandering Owl does not excessively photoshop any photos you will receive or see on any of our media. Our purpose of taking photos is for our love of photography and because we wish our guests to be able to take with them beautiful photos of the evening to remember the experience and all the feelings that went along with it. 

If you create your own expectations around the idea that you will have an enjoyable night out in the Arctic wilderness regardless of whether you see activity or not then you will likely feel very satisfied with the adventure.  
Some evenings the activity is bright and colorful, on others, it can be barely visible. Here is a link to our gallery to show you how different the Aurora Borealis can appear each evening, depending on the environmental conditions. 

Our team will always do their best, every night of the season ‚Äď BUT the guests‚Äô involvement in the activity will also greatly impact the evening.¬†Here are some tips¬†for you to help yourself get the most out of the activity with our team.

Planning Your Activities

Pick up
The pick up of all tours is in front of Scandic Ishavshotel (Fredrik Langes gate 2, 9008 Troms√ł) unless otherwise agreed with us. This is in the middle of the city center, close to most hotels, and easy for everyone to find. For the starting time please see each tour’s webpage for accurate information.

The duration and starting time of the tours depends on the tour type. Please visit each tour’s page to find all details regarding the tour and its schedule.

Drop off
Wandering Owl drops off on Troms√łya (Troms√ł island) only unless you have purchased a private tour. The distances between locations in the north is immense, therefore we can not drop off further away. It is so important that our guides have ample opportunity to rest after their tour ūüôā

If you have arrived by cruiseship or are staying in Wandering Owl’s Airbnb, you may have a different pick up time and location. If you don’t have the information, please contact our office with you booking number and cruiseship information ready.

All our tours are bookable for children from 6 years and older. We can accommodate younger children on some of our tours. Please, check the notes and restriction section on the webpage of each tour. After booking, our office will reach out to you for more information regarding the child’s age/weight/height so we can provide the appropriate child seat in the vehicle. For children below 2 years old, you need to bring your baby seat with you.

Please, read the details of each activity you intend to book and evaluate if your child is able to join without limiting the rest of the group or risking the safety of your own child. Different children have different needs and limitations. You are the one who knows them best, so you must evaluate if they can join an activity or not. Unfortunately, we will not be able to change the schedule of a tour with other guests booked because of a child passenger, if you desire this, you must book a private tour.

We have a limited selection of clothing sizes for children, hence consider that they will need to have appropriate boots (our smallest size is EU35) and clothes (our smallest size is adult XS and we have two generic child-sized thermal suits).

Aurora Hunt tours are long tours, which finish late at night. In most cases, there will be a possibility for the child to stay on the bus with one parent in case he/she falls asleep. Note that on most of these tours the group will be in the vicinity of the bus, but outside. There will not be any toilets and it is important the children are supervised by their caregivers.

On hikes and snowshoeing excursions, please evaluate if your child is able to walk for the duration of the hike (2-3 hours). Our smallest snowshoes fit EU36 shoe sizes.

Sightseeing tours are the most appropriate for children, as they are easy and relaxed, not too long and mostly by day.

On all tours, we advise you to follow the instructions and suggestions of our guides, who will be able to inform you of the different possibilities to make your child at ease and at the same time avoid limiting the rest of the group.

The parents are responsible for the full supervision of all children at all times.

We can provide on request gluten-free options. Please inform us well in advance about any allergies or special dietary requirements so we can do our best to cater to them.

You can check with us for allergens in the food served on Wandering Owl tours.

If you are unsure which suit sizes to choose in your booking, use the table below. Find the size (XS-XXXL) that fits your largest measures in cm or feet, Normally height and waist are enough.

Keep in mind that these are overall suits that you will wear on top of your outdoor clothes. Tight clothes are not good for keeping you warm, so rather pick a size too big than the opposite.

We will anyways use this information as a rough indication, so it may happen that you will get a suit slightly bigger than your choice, for logistic reasons. This is by no means a problem, you will be warm and comfy anyways.

Wandering Owl has a strict departure time for all tours especially our Aurora Hunt (Northern Lights Tour). Wandering Owl has a reputation for providing organized tours and activities, which means we must ensure they depart on time.

This is primarily because there are many companies in Troms√ł going on tours at the same time, it is important that we have a succinct departure to ensure we have enough time to get away from the city lights for when activity is most likely to begin. If we are delayed it can mean the difference between having somewhere to park or having to waste time driving around and searching for more parking areas.

Additionally, out of respect for our Guiding Team and the other guests on the tour, we can not delay their experience and not meet their expectations.

As we have been very clear about our Terms and Conditions and our departure times, we will not offer rebooking or refunds for any guest who does not make the departure. You will need to seek reimbursement from your Travel Insurance provider.

Wandering Owl has a quality assurance policy designed to ensure that guests are receiving the tour that they have been promised. This policy is to ensure guests know that they can trust that when they book an activity or workshop with Wandering Owl, they will receive the activity they have purchased. 

If such as circumstance arises where the activity was not as the guests expected, you can be assured we have procedures in place to follow up, assess, and grow.

Learn more about who we are and why quality is so important to us here.

Below is a little information about our recent results from our secret shopper testers.

Varde Quality Endorsed

By air.¬†Troms√ł hosts an international airport, with aircraft incoming direct from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, and Spain. This is the easiest and¬†fastest way to arrive in¬†Troms√ł, please consider carbon offsetting your flights as a measure to protect our beautiful polar regions.¬†

By sea.¬†Troms√ł has large ports suitable for all kinds of vessels. As Norway is traditionally a seafaring nation, the region is easily connected by ferries. Traveling on the sea is the most scenic way¬†to arrive in¬†Troms√ł. You can come from Denmark or Oslo via the sea onboard one of the Hurtigruten ships, you could combine this with the train from Stockholm ‚ÄstNarvik¬†and board a vessel from¬†Narvik¬†to¬†Troms√ł.¬†

By land.¬†Arriving at Troms√ł¬†by land is the¬†best way¬†to come in terms of leaving a minimal carbon footprint.¬†You can reach¬†Troms√ł relatively easily by land, however, it does take time.¬†A sleeper train departs Stockholm twice daily to Kiruna and connects into Norway to the small city of¬†Narvik. From¬†Narvik,¬†it is a simple bus ride north (approximately 5hrs). This route is long, about 18 hrs, but it is comfortable and very scenic.¬†

Follow this link to learn more about Troms√ł ūüôā

To enjoy your time in Troms√ł as much as possible, we recommend you choose function over fashion. Below is a summary of the information that comes from our blog.

Shoes: Try to wear loose-fitting enclosed shoes, we’d suggest bringing crampons or purchasing them locally when you arrive as often the city centre is very icy and windy!
Base layer: This layer needs to be wool (merino wool is best) and not synthetic, it might be itchy but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly! Ensure your socks are the thickest loose-fitting merino wool socks you can find.
Mid-layers: to be fleecy or wool with plenty of breathing room
Top layers: Down jacket and a softshell over the top.

1. Layers are key because they may be +2 degrees in the city and -10 degrees just outside the city center.
2. A softshell over the top keeps the harsh arctic wind out and your body heat in
3. It is friction that warms the air up. This means the layers need to be loose fitting with air moving between them
4. If you remain motionless, no matter how good your equipment is, you will still be ice cold. Move your body, your hands, and keep wiggling your toes!
5. Keeping warm can also be a mind over matter! If you tell yourself you are cold you will experience this feeling more, if you move about and trust that you are safe and secure and soon will be warm, you will warm up faster.
6. Safety first – wear your crampons!

On the Aurora Hunt, we will provide you with a coverall-style thermal suit that will help to protect you from the wind and help you stay warmer.

If you are feeling excessively cold at any point during a tour please communicate this very clearly with your guide for them to help offer a solution.

Home made meals, with love. We know our food is good! We make all our own soups, sandwiches, hot chocolate and cookies. We cater to vegan and gluten free, of course! All our soups are already gluten free and vegan, and all our sandwiches and biscuits are vegan. Read our full blog post about our food here.

Lentil Soup (gluten free, vegan & delicious!) 

5L (10 pax)
Carrots 1,5kg | Onions 0,5kg | Lentils 500g | Olive oil | Tomato sauce | Aurora juice | Curry Garam Masala | Paprika powder | Cumin powder 

Pepper | Chili | SaltWater
Peel onions and carrots, and cube into cubes with slicing machine. In a pot, warm the olive oil at low temperatures. Add the spices (curry, gran masala, and cumin powder). Fry spices for 5 min at low temperature and then add onions. Fry onions at higher temperatures. When soft and transparent, add carrots. Continue to fry vegetables for some minutes and add tomato sauce. Add 3L of boiling water. Rinse lentils and add to the pot. Add paprika powder. Let boil until carrots and lentils are soft. Add salt and pepper and chili if needed. Add any additional water as needed to reach the desired volume (consider the texture of soup & do not add too much/little). 

Reindeer Soup (gluten free) 

5L (10 pax) 
Potatoes 1,5kg  | Carrots 1kg | Onions 0,5kg | Reindeer 0,4kg (1 pk)  | Olive oil | Sunflower oil | Thyme | Bay leaf | Cummins | Aurora juice
Pepper | Salt | Water 

Peel onions and carrots, and cube into cubes with slicing machine. Fry olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and bay leaf in a pot. When hot, add onions. Fry onion until soft and transparent, and then add reindeer meat. Add thyme and cumin. When the meat has a cooked, brownish color add carrots. Cook them with closed lid at low temperatures. Boil water and add it to the pot to cover veggies & meat.  Peel the potatoes and cut it in cubes. Add more hot water, potatoes, and lovage. When the vegetables are soft enough, add water necessary to reach the final volume, and salt & pepper.  


Carrot Soup (Gluten free, vegan & extra love)  

5L (10 pax) 
Carrot 2kg | Sweet potato 1 small | Ginger 1/3 root | Coconut milk 1 can | Lemon 1/2  

Peel carrots and sweet potatoes. In a pot, add the olive oil, grind the ginger and fry it for a while at low temperature. Add the vegetables in the pot and let it fry until vegetables are at least partially cooked. Boil water and add it to vegetables with salt. Cook until vegetables are soft. Blend with an immersion blender until completely smooth (no chunks or pieces). Add lemon juice and coconut milk.   

 Oat biscuits (can be made to be gf & vegan) 

Butter 500g | Sugar 1kg | Oat flakes 1kg | Flour 10 tbs | Baking powder 3 tbs | Eggs 10  

Melt butter,¬†mix in sugar, then¬†add¬†oat flakes, flour, and baking powder (in this order). When well mixed, add eggs. Lay the dough on a baking¬†sheet¬†with baking paper. Use a¬†teaspoon¬†to make separate biscuits. NB. They spread when heating, so leave enough space between the biscuits. Bake at 205¬ļC for about 5-10 min until golden. NB. Keep an eye on them because they turn fast from golden into burned.¬†

It can be made vegan or gluten-free by swapping the ingredients for vegan or gluten-free versions. If making both gluten-free and vegan we suggest adding a little oat milk to make them moister. 

Yes! You can ūüôā¬†¬†Here is a link¬†to an album containing photos taken during blue hour.

The sun disappears from sight in mid-November and gradually reappears in mid-January. Due to the high mountains and fjords around Troms√ł it takes some time for the sun to sneak past it. During this period the light becomes less and less. Around Christmas time it is the darkest it will get, though as you can see in the album that there is still enough light to go on a day tour and see things.

You can have a look here to see the sunset and set times for the year.

Photo & Photography

Yes, we offer help and advice on all our tours for our guests.

You will get photography tips on all our tours. We will help you set up your own camera and assist you to take your own photos of auroras and landscapes. The guide will also take photographs during the tours, which will be sent to you after the trip at no extra cost. Note the images included for free are in web-sized resolution.

If you would like more in-depth training we can suggest that you sign up for our Night Photography Workshop or one of our Multi-day Photography Workshops.

If you have the option to choose between different lenses we would suggest a lens that can go to a low aperture.

If you have the option to choose between different lenses we would suggest a lens that can go to a low aperture. A wide angle lens will also help you capture more of the landscape and let more light in. Our guides can help you take the best images possible with the equipment you already have, they will also be there taking photos of guests so don’t miss your opportunity to get a photo underneath the Aurora’s.

We have tripods available for use inside the van.

We have a few tips we can offer guests for camera maintenance and minimising fogging.

We have a few tips we can offer guests for Aurora photography and for camera maintenance. Please understand that these tips are general, not specific to the exact conditions that you may experience on your trip with us. Your guide is a skilled photographer with plenty of experience capturing the Aurora and will be able to offer more assistance and helpful advice specific to your needs and your camera.

We suggest that to avoid fogging on the lens; keep your camera in it’s bag until you are ready to take it out and shoot, then put it away when finished. This protects the camera and battery from cold air and moisture. We would always suggest that you have a silica pack or similar inside your camera bag at all times to absorb moisture inside. Do not take it out in the warm vehicle during the tour or it will fog.

If the lens does begin to fog you will need to just wait it out. It will unfog by itself. Our experienced guides may have so more advice on this but generally they are dealing with the same problem.

Our guides are professional photographers and will take photos of guests, Northern Lights and the landscapes, as applicable to the tour. On each tour, our guides will take photos of the guests and the landscapes, including a portrait of each guest with the northern lights, when possible, and if the guest permits. These pictures will be selected and edited by our photographer and sent within 3 days after the tour.

If you have not received the pictures within two days, please contact us. We may lack your email address, especially if you have not booked directly on our website. Always ensure you provide us with a Gmail, Yahoo, Mircosoft or Hotmail account to ensure you receive them.

Note that our photographers are professionals. They will shoot many photographs but will send only the ones that they deem being of professional quality, the amount of which will depend on the conditions. Any photo that does not meet our quality standards will be deleted and not archived. We never share the raw unedited photos with guests, nor do we share images that are without watermarks.

The pictures you will receive are in web-sized resolution, ideal for sharing on social media or showing on screens. They are in 300 dpi and the resolution is larger than what you see on our website. If you want to print them larger than A4, you may need to purchase the original resolution. All proceeds from the sale of original resolution images go to the photographer.

If you decide to make a purchase of the original resolution images, you will receive the digital format of the original resolution taken with our professional cameras for prints in large sizes. You can follow the instructions on the album shared with you after the tour.

If you decide to make a purchase of the original resolution images, you will receive the digital format of the original resolution taken with our professional cameras for prints in large sizes. You can follow the instructions on the album shared with you after the tour. All proceeds from the sale of original resolution images go to the photographer.

All you need to do is:
1. Go to the album ūüôā
2. Select the photo (or first image, if you wish to purchase more then one) and select the shopping cart icon (looks like a shopping trolley)
3. You will then be able to purchase a single photo or in a package ūüôā
4. Once payment is complete you will be sent an email with the original resolution image. This email should arrive fairly quickly, generally in about 15 minutes.

If you have any questions or other issues (technology sometimes has a mind of its own!) please feel welcome to reach out and we’ll find a solution.


We LOVE to take keen photographers into the Arctic wilderness. Take a moment to have a browse at our Multi-day tours & workshops and let us know what you think. Once you have had a look feel welcome to reach out, we can discuss your specific interests/groups interest and begin planning.

You’re welcome to try! We are noticing year after year improvements to smartphone cameras and we are often surprised. Samsung and Huawei in particular have phones with cameras that have some manual function.
If you have an iPhone, there is an app called “ProCam” where it is possible to get some reasonable pictures of Northern Lights. But of course, it¬īs not the same than the pictures taken by a proper camera.
To take good pictures of Northern Lights you will need a camera that is able to take long time exposure pictures and where you can change the ISO settings. DSLR cameras can do this in general, but there are a lot of new mirrorless cameras that are smaller and also do an exceptional job.

Yes, we do! For those not wishing to bring their own tripods, we completely understand and you are welcome to use ours. However please consider that they are Hire Department equipment and they have a tough life. We do our best to maintain them and service them however if you are a serious photographer and are used to your own professional-grade tripod, we would suggest bringing your own to avoid any chances of disappointment.

Generally within 1 – 3 days. During peak season our team is working hard night after night so there are occasional delays with sharing photos. If you have not received the images by day 2 please contact our Office Owls and we will follow up for you.

Our guides are professional photographers, they are taking photos with quality in mind and not quantity. They may take many shots during the tour but they only edit the ones that fulfill their quality criteria. All the other pictures are therefore deleted.

We know that some of you would like to receive also the “not so good pictures” to have a couple of more but we have to respect the work of our photographers.

Thank you for your understanding!

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