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Getting to your Aurora meeting location

How to get to the meeting location and pick-up point at Scandic Ishavshotel 

So, you made it to Tromsø, but do not know exactly where the pick-up point is?! No problem. We got you covered. 

If you have arrived by plane

There are three ways of getting to the city center where the Scandic Ishavshotel is: 

By Flyplass Express (a shuttle bus from the Airport to the city center), which has a set schedule that you can find here. The tickets cost around 180 kr per person (for an adult; for children it is 115 kr) and you can book them here or pay directly at the bus stop. The ride takes you directly to the Scandic Ishavshotel and is around 15 minutes long. 

By Taxi

This is straight forward. Go to one of the taxis that are outside the airport (or can be found on and around the island of Tromsø) and just give the taxi drive the address (Fredrik Langes gate 2, 9008 Tromsø) or the name of the Hotel, which is Scandic Ishavshotel.  

By the normal bus.

Yes, there are normal bus lines that go from the airport to the city center. Those cost less (ca.50 kr) but take more time to get to the center. Also, they have some capacity for luggage storage but cannot guarantee that all your luggage can be stored, due to other travelers on the bus. You should get off the bus at Fredrik Langes gate bus station. The best buses to take go in the following directions: 

42 mot Stakkevollan via sentrum 

40 mot Tromsø museum via sentrum (go off Wi-To, that is another stop at the center) 

24 mot Mortensnes via Giæverbukta (also get off at Wi-To) 

If you have arrived by Ferry (only during the Summer) 

You will arrive at Prostneset Hurtigbåtkai. From there it is only a short walk to the Scandic Ishavshotel (5 minutes). 

If you have arrived by Cruise ship 

Wandering Owl will pick you up at the port (which is Breivika). If this is not happening, please refer to the office and we will see how we can get you to the activity. 

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