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Planning your Aurora Holiday during COVID-19

Planning your Aurora Holiday during COVID-19 is not easy. There are a lot of sources out there providing commentary and opinion that may or may not be accurate. It is hard to know which sites and sources are official and which are not. That is why we have provided links to both sources you need for planning your trip to Norway. We suggest to rely on these sources rather then information found on tour operator sites, reseller sites and other unofficial sources of information.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health 

Map detailing which restrictions and quarantine obligations apply to you

Norwegian Health Directorate

Official information for who can come 

Other sources are referencing this sources and may be out of date, inaccurate, contain opinion rather then factual information or confusing for the reader. Please consult these sources regularly during your planning process.

Wandering Owl is offering a special 48hr cancellation policy for guests wishing to join for winter season 21/22. Please see the full conditions on the below link:

Wandering Owl safety measures for Winter season 20/21

Wandering Owl has a duty of care to protect the health and safety of our team, our guests and to do our part as responsible community members. For this reason we have implemented the following practices in all our tours. Please read them before booking, by providing payment you have confirmed that you agree and understand.

Here are our standards

  • Mittens, scarfs, socks and beanies are not provided for guests, please bring your own with you.
  • Guests are required to wear a face mask at all times on tour whenever distance is not possible. These will not be provided by Wandering Owl and must be provided by the guest. Please bring them with you from your home country as Tromsø is a small city with limited PPE resources that are needed by the local population.
  • Guests must not come within 1m of our team or other guests not travelling with them. Including when sitting around the fire.
  • Our offices will be closed for walk in traffic for this season. Bookings can be taken online or over the phone.
  • There is a possibility that thermal suits may not provided on some tours, as they need to be cleaned between each use. This means that they may not be dried on time and that our team must come into contact with them and risk exposure. We will prioritise having them available for colder nights. If you wish to have a thermal suit, please get in touch with our friendly office Owls to enquire.

Managing capacity

In order to manage capacity, ensure safety, and to make sure guests don’t miss out on their Aurora Hunt, in some unlikely circumstances, we may have to take the following additional measures:

1) Share our guests with our partner operators in order to ensure all guests have 1m between them. We have taken measures to ensure the same quality of tour will be provided. This is to guarantee all guests get the chance to chase the Northern Lights. This is unlikely to occur, and if we need to move your booking, we will contact you in advance and discuss this option.

2) Share guests across multiple vehicles. This may mean that our driver drives some guests and our guide drives others and they meet together at same stops and the guiding components of the tour occur on location rather than along the way.

How to behave on tour

It is important for guests to read through the procedure for the pick up before the date of the tour and to remember the instructions:

1. On the day of the tour you will be given a seat number if there are multiple bookings that need separating. You must remember your allocation. This is the seat you will be given for the tour. If you suffer with motion sickness we can not guarantee a front seat so please remember your medication and get in touch with our office to see if we can allocate the front for you.

2. Complete your online waiver before the tour date. If you wish to complete a paper waiver please complete it and send it via email to our office 24 hrs before the tour departure or email to say you will bring a printed version with you on the day, signed.

3. Arrive to the pick up point early, wearing your mask and keep at least 1m distance from other people there. Watch for our vehicles (have our logo) and listen for your name. We have multiple vehicles, due to traffic, they do not always arrive together.

4. Make yourself known to the guide by raising your arm upwards and verbally confirming your name. Do not touch the guide or driver at any point during the tour, do not shake their hands, do not hug them and please remain 1m away from the guides at all times.

5. The guide will instruct you on how board the vehicle. Only one booking at a time will be allowed to enter the vehicle. Please find your seat quickly and fasten your seat belt.

6. On tour, the guide/driver can not physically assist you with putting on your suits, your boots, or adjust your camera/tripod settings for you. They can only verbally guide you but under not circumstances can they come within 1m of a guest (True or possible emergencies are exempted).

7. When we serve dinner we must ensure guests are eating separately as face masks will be removed. Our guides will inform you when it is time for the guests on your booking to eat their included meal. Our team will provide instructions on how to do so.

8. As we offer drop offs, please be patient. We may require guests to disembark from the vehicle to allow other guests seated behind them to get out.

Thank you in advance for doing your best to follow our guidelines – safe Aurora Hunting!

Winter season 20/21 may look a little like this regarding face masks
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