Getting to Tromsø by land & sea

If you are anything like us, you’ll want to get to Tromsø by land and sea. Many of our guests have asked us – how do we get there with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This post has your questions answered.

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Here is everything you need to know about getting to Tromsø by land and sea.

Arriving to Tromsø by land

There are a few options for you to arrive to Tromsø by land. The first option is the catch the night train up from Stockholm to Narvik and then bus 100 from Narvik to Tromsø. Go to SJ for planning this trip and purchasing tickets. The bus ticket for bus 100 can be purchased on the bus itself.
Alternatively, you can take the route up through Norway, catching the train from Oslo to Trondheim, Trondheim to Bodø and from Bodø you can take the bus to Tromsø. This second option is more time consuming, so we recommend you make a journey of it and stop over along the way and explore the different locations. You can check out this trip planner here for public transport options within Norway:

Arriving to Tromsø by sea

There is no more authentic way to arrive to Tromsø than by boat (Båt in Norsk). Because this is a port city, arriving by boat is one way to honor the town’s roots. If you are travelling from a neighboring region like Harstad, Senja or Skjervøy, you can take a fast boat (Hurtibåt) and arrive here quickly. You can plan your trip here.

Another option, that appeals to people who want to experience life at sea, is to take the hurtigruten (hu-ti-ru-ta) to Tromsø. You can board at one of the many stops along the way and disembark in Tromsø. Hurtigruten has connected Norwegians and their goods since the 19th century. You can book passage here:

You can find out how to get to the meeting point for your activities and Northern Lights Aurora Hunt tour here.

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