Category: Winter Tours

Getting a good portrait

Getting a good portrait during the night comes down to have the right equipment and to the guest following instructions. Wandering Owl has all the needed equipment, so it is mostly up to the guests to ensure they’re staying perfectly still for the duration the shutter is open. A quick note – For more tips […]

Reindeer Activities

Wandering Owl has partnered with Tromsø Arctic Reindeer since 2017 to provide our travellers with a reputation & trustworthy option for activities that involve reindeer encounters & learning about Indigenous Sami culture from this family business. Please note that when you select onto the calendar/booking widget you will go onto a different shopping cart page. […]

Stay warm, friends!

How to stay warm in Tromsø  To enjoy your time in Tromsø as much as possible, we recommend you choose function over fashion.  For the shoes: Try to wear loose-fitting enclosed shoes, we would suggest bringing crampons or purchasing them locally when you arrive as often the city center is very icy and windy!    Layers […]

Homemade food, with love

At Wandering Owl, we focus on being as sustainable as possible. This mindset translates also to the food we serve. We’ve partnered with local vegetable farmers to provide us with as much of our produce as possible. To minimize our impact on the environment we have decided to serve vegan food with as many locally […]

Getting to your Aurora meeting location

How to get to the meeting location and pick-up point at Scandic Ishavshotel  So, you made it to Tromsø, but do not know exactly where the pick-up point is?! No problem. We got you covered.  If you have arrived by plane There are three ways of getting to the city center where the Scandic Ishavshotel […]

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