How to stay warm in Tromsø 

To enjoy your time in Tromsø as much as possible, we recommend you choose function over fashion. 

For the shoes: Try to wear loose-fitting enclosed shoes, we would suggest bringing crampons or purchasing them locally when you arrive as often the city center is very icy and windy! 

Layers over layers 

To stay comfortably warm the layer system applies. Instead of wearing something extremely fluffy, dress in layers that insulate you and give you the best way of taking them off and on. 

Base layer: This layer needs to be wool (merino wool is best) and NOT synthetic, it might be itchy, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly! Ensure your socks are the thickest loose-fitting merino wool socks you can find. 

Mid-layers: to be fleecy or wool with plenty of breathing room (like a Norwegian wool sweater) 

Top layers: Down jacket and a softshell over the top. Wear wool mittens as they keep your hands warm and are also quite decorative. 

Additional tips: 

1. Layers are key because they may be +2 degrees in the city and -10 degrees just outside the city center. 

2. A softshell over the top keeps the harsh arctic wind out and your body heat in 

3. It is friction that warms the air up. This means the layers need to be loose fitting with air moving between them 

4. If you remain motionless, no matter how good your equipment is, you will still be ice cold. Move your body, your hands, and keep wiggling your toes! 

5. Keeping warm can also be a mind over matter! If you tell yourself, you are cold you will experience this feeling more, if you move about and trust that you are safe and secure and soon will be warm, you will warm up faster. 

6. Safety first – wear your crampons! 

7. Also some people prefer to buy hand and shoe warmer packs, which keep you warm for ca. 12 hours. But they should be viewed as a supplement instead of a core ingredient in staying warm. Your heating capacity should come primarily from your clothing and then you can add those heating packs. There are also gloves with a heating function inside them (they warm up by battery). 

On the Aurora Hunt, we will provide you with a coverall-style thermal suit that will help to protect you from the wind and help you stay warmer. If you are traveling with children, we recommend being extra prepared. If you do not want to invest in a completely new winter outfit you can also rent winter clothes here. They offer clothes for adults and children alike and are based in Tromsø (for directions refer to the link above). 

If you are feeling excessively cold at any point during a tour, please communicate this very clearly with your guide for them to help offer a solution. 

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