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What It Takes To Make A Quality Northern Lights Tour

What does it take to make a high quality Northern Lights tour? Great question! We’ve been creating quality Aurora tours in Tromsø since 2014, and this is what we’ve learnt:

Creating a quality tour is hard work. It takes research, critical thinking, adapting, local knowledge, a bit of good-old-fashioned trial and error… but mostly, it takes feedback. Being open to feedback from guests and team members means that the quality of our tours improve. We never deny the validity of feedback, especially if it is feedback we don’t like hearing. That is why on TripAdvisor, we always thank guests for the feedback. We do appreciate it, it is valuable to us.

We make quality experiences. In short, we do this by:

  • Seriously knowing our stuff
  • Seriously loving what you’re doing
  • Knowing how to connect & share, making those cosy moments around the campfire extra special
  • The whole Nest knows exactly what you’re expecting with us
  • We know our audience and we want to get to know you
  • Cooking the soup is as important to us as marketing, driving, photography…. the tour is the end result from everyone in the Nest
  • Having a feedback means growth approach. This allows us to nurture one another and to improve our activities
  • Owl you need are puns
  • We know that dad jokes are universal & we have many up our down jacket sleeves
  • Committing to our guests, every night of the season

You can learn more about these points in our FAQ knowledge base.

What to expect with us

  • Small groups with a 1:8 ratio (Owl team:guests)
  • All inclusive – everything you’ll need
  • Delicious homemade meals with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible
  • Professional quality photos in web-sized resolution
  • Genuinely experienced guides & drivers
  • Help with your camera
    Learn more about us here!

Owl secret ingredient is love.

… and having a Nest full of quality Owls & Owlets. To make a quality experience we need to have a quality team. To keep quality Owls in the nest we need to support them, nurture them, develop them. This is our recipe for making a quality tour. Photography and guiding is our craft. Taking our craft seriously & developing our skills means there is always somewhere special for each of our team to come back to, season after season.

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