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What do the Northern Lights actually look like? Wandering Owl has this answered.

Our favourite question.
Every guest wants to know what the Northern Lights actually look like. There are a lot of creative images circulating out there, we are here to let you know if it could be real or not.

So many people come with very different ideas of what the Aurora Borealis looks like. We’ve heard everything! Let’s get this clear: Northern Lights can white-ish, green, pinkish, reddish, blueish – depending on so many factors. Northern Lights can be bright and brilliant in colour, they can look soft and gentle, they can simply be a glow in the sky. Some nights they are so bright and bold, others they are only visible by camera. We almost never know exactly what we will get on different nights.

Every single day they are different and in different parts of the world they can look different depending on the gases burning. We have created a gallery for you to see exactly how different they can look on different nights, depending on the environmental conditions. Check out our gallery Aurora Magic. It is true, many people do photoshop their images, however Wandering Owl and most reputation companies do not excessively photoshop any photos you will receive or see on any of our media. Our purpose of taking photos is for our love of photography and because we wish our guests to be able to take with them beautiful photos of the evening to remember the experience and all the feelings that went along with it. Most of the over edited photos circulating are from travellers and novel photographers eager to experiment with colour – which is fun!

Managing my own expectations regarding the Northern Lights

If you create your own expectations around the idea that you will have an enjoyable night out in the Arctic wilderness regardless of if you see Northern Lights or not then you will likely feel very satisfied with the adventure.

Some evenings the activity is bright and colourful, on others it can be barely visible. Here is a link to our Instagram, to show you more images of how different the Aurora Borealis can appear each evening, depending on the environmental conditions.

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