Package: Winter Wonders

Adult Price from
5715 NOK per
7 hrs

Increase your chances to see the Northern Lights by joining us on 2 evenings and during the day exploring local fjords on our Arctic Landscapes sightseeing activity.

Discount: 10% the whole cart
Minimum age: 18 years old

Activities included in the package:
Aurora Hunt with Citizen Science
Adults Only Aurora Hunt with Citizen Science
Winter Arctic Landscapes

How to book a package:
- To receive a discount, you need to add all the included activities in the cart
- Go to 'Experience Tromsø' tab (on the top of the page)
- Choose one of the activities included in the package and select desired date
- On the right side of the booking window you will see suggested packages: add desired activities. Alternatively, click make another booking on the top left of the window.
- Once all the activities in the package are in your cart, you will automatically get a 10% discount!

You can read more about the Aurora Hunt here:

You can read more about the Adults Only Aurora Hunt here:

You can read more about  Winter Arctic Landscapes here:

Please be aware of the following before your tour with us:
- We can only see the detailed forecast 30 hrs in advance, we would only consider it to be trustworthy 12hrs in advance. It is updated about every 4 hrs and changes often.
- The environmental conditions in Tromsø do not reflect the other many other region microclimates
- Even on the cloudiest nights we have seen Northern Lights. For this reason, we only cancel if it is forecasted to be unsafe for driving
- The Northern Lights are a phenomena, we can not guarantee them. No refunds, free tours or discounts are on offer if you do not see them.
- They are different every night
- Tromsø is 70 degrees north, this means that the KP index does not really apply. We can see the activity even on nights when it is less then a KP1. 
- We are looking for gaps in the middle level clouds to see the activity.
- The activity occurs 80km+ above the biosphere, that means if there are gaps in the clouds, it is dark enough and there is activity, we will see it all across the region.
- Please travel with travel insurance. The environmental conditions in the Arctic can be wild and ever changing, flights are often cancelled or delayed. To avoid financial losses and disappointment please have insurance and plan your travel wisely.
- If you are not at the pick up at the departure time, we have no choice but to depart without you. No refunds or rebooking is on offer free of charge. 


Transport Tax - AH
3 % ( Price Inclusive )
Food Tax - AH
0.5 % ( Price Inclusive )
Guiding Tax - AH
0 % ( Price Inclusive )



Always travel with travel insurance, please read the terms and conditions before booking. See terms and conditions here: Weblink to T&Cs There is a non - refundable booking handling and labour fee of 200 nok per booking.

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