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How hard is it really to find the Northern Lights? How to chase the Aurora Borealis in Norway.

Finding the Northern Lights is a key element for everyone who is actively chasing them. But how do we chase the Aurora Borealis in Norway? Good question! The best answer: We don’t. The Northern Lights occur 80km+ above our biosphere. This means if there is activity, it can be seen across the entire region, assuming there are no clouds. For this reason, we referring to an Aurora Hunt as gap hunting!


What are the limitations for finding the Northern Lights (gaps in the clouds)?

  • Incorrect forecast for the environmental conditions
  • Road closures, icing risks or avalanche risks preventing us from going into an area where gaps in the clouds are more likely
  • Human limitations regarding temperatures they can physiologically withstand safely (Extreme example).
  • Human limitations regarding time management, if guests are delayed to the pickup, delayed to get dressed or use a bathroom etc. It can be the difference between making it to an area without light pollution and gaps in the clouds or missing the gaps in the clouds (Extreme example).

So, we’d say, it’s hard to find the best spot to see the Northern Lights.

Season 2019/2020 was the lowest year of the Aurora cycle. The Arctic experienced nearly 6 weeks of high cloud coverage (flactuating temperatures + – degrees on an almost daily basis). Our extensive local knowledge and experience meant we still saw activity on 81% of evenings.

To have the best chances to see the Northern Lights, we recommend you join an Aurora Hunt or two. Check out our Aurora Hunt here. If you are planning to join us in Winter Season 20/21 (Increased activity cycle!) we suggest you take a moment to read our post Planning your holiday during COVID-19.

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