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Interesting Information For Travellers About Tromsø

Everything you need to know about Tromso. Tromsø is a thriving and lively city at 70 degrees north and 350km above the Arctic circle. This makes Tromsø the largest city at this latitude. The reason Tromsø is so popular is because just outside the city the wilderness begins. Within a short time, you leave the city lights behind you and you will be surrounded by raw nature.

The wilderness feeling appeals to most travellers and we can confirm that the challenging and rewarding moments you expect to feel and overcome in the Arctic are all here. In November the sun sets for the final time and the polar night begins. The days are short, and the nights are long. The longer it is dark, the more opportunity there is to see the Aurora Borealis activity. For this reason, we love the long polar night! The sun rises again in late January though most parts of the north will not be able to see a sunrise until into February because of the beautiful mountains surrounding us.

About the Midnight Sun in Tromso

The next extreme change occurs in May where the sun rises for the last time for two months. The sun does a circle and remains in the sky for 24hrs a day until the end of July. This is referred to as the midnight sun and offers an entirely different experience for travellers and photographers.

Tromsø is surround by the gulf stream, this means the ocean temperatures rarely drop below 4 degrees, the region is warmer than you might expect. During winter it is common to experience plus degrees in the city or as low as –14. The coldest recorded temperature in the city is just below –18. However, the inland valleys and mountain plateau are likely to be much colder, maybe even colder then –22!

Quick info about Tromsø

Tromsø has a long and rich history, from the connections with the Sami people to being the main departure port city for expeditions to the North Pole. Today the city is booming thanks to travellers chasing the Northern lights. Tromsø’s modern day reputation is as the best location to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). More information about this can be found in our FAQ page but in essence, it is because Tromsø is located in the heart of the Aurora Oval and because the city is in close proximity to micro climates where the environmental conditions can be vastly different.

Tromsø has most city comforts that you would expect and desire for a holiday or weekend getaway. Boosting a variety of restaurants, bars and urban activities like mini gulf, laser tag and a modern cinema. With a population of 76 000 residents with the largest employers including the University, Kommune (local government), Transport and Tourism Industry. During the winter high season, the number of people swells substantially to almost double as visitors flock to this northern paradise in the hope of seeing the Northern Lights, most of whom are successful.

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