Arctic Summers

Summer is a great time to visit the Arctic circle. The long summer days (actually, all day!) leaves travellers with a unique impression of the mountainous landscape. Summer north of the wall is special because we have 24 hours of daylight (midnight sun) and as the snow melts away, the flora begins to thrive and the fauna comes out.

During the summer months we offer sightseeing and hiking tours that depart Tromsø, hiking and kayaking tours that depart Senja. We frequently spot reindeers, moose, foxes, stouts, seals, ptarmigans, arctic terns and more. Check out our Tromsø page here for our full list of Wandering Owl’s tours.

Are you are coming to Tromsø this summer? You can get more ideas of what to do here on Kayak’s Tromso Travel Guide.

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