Senja Island is the second largest island in Norway, boasting over 1500 square kilometres of northern arctic paradise. Senja is famous for it’s crazy mountain peaks, deep fjords, valleys, rolling meadows, pine forests, and gorgeous bay of islands.

If these aren’t reasons enough to bump Senja to the top of your bucket list, then consider that in Senja, your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are almost as high as in Tromsø. Senja is located above 69 degrees north, near the heart of the Aurora Oval. Those of you searching for an Arctic destination that is in true wilderness, not saturated and easy enough to get to, should look no further then Senja Island.

Quick facts

  • Closest airport is Tromsø or Bardufoss. We’d suggest to fly into Tromsø, as the infrastructure there is set up for tourists.
  • It’s big, the second largest in Norway. Consider the distances when planning.
  • The “capital” is Finnsnes, though not technically on the island. This is an industry town, not considered a destination for a holiday.
  • Because of the scenic drive, it is most popular in summer, however so much of the charm and stunning landscapes are at their best in winter
  • Located in Troms county.
  • About 8000 inhabitants.

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