Monitoring Owls in the Wilderness

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Make your adventure count and give back to our local ecosystems. Join the nonprofit Wild Lab Projects and help monitor the 3 species of owls that have made Tromsø their home. This beautiful region, where the mountains meet the sea, is the perfect place for these artificial owl nest boxes and for us to monitor the owls. Come with us for a day like no other. You'll be helping to monitor owls in the arctic wilderness, having memorable moments in nature. You'll also experience & participate in this citizen science initiative with Wild Lab Projects' educator, where you'll have the opportunity to make valuable observations. Following a standardized methodology, you will provide much-needed data to protect owls in our region. After the collection, that data is uploaded to our research partners' database, where they'll use it to learn about the demography, movements, and conservation status of these owls.

After our science contribution is done, we can lay back & enjoy the homemade snack we have prepared for you. This is the most ethical trip for you to experience the extraordinary nature of Northern Norway.

Season: All year
Duration: 4 hours 
Group size: 4 - 8 people 
Minimum age: 12 years old (upon request, we can accept younger children, however parents must discuss this with us in advance to determine if it is suitable)
Meeting time: 09:50 in front of the Scandic Ishavhotel 
Departure: 10:00 | 11:00 
Return: Drop off in front of the Scandic Ishavhotel. 
Inclusions: Sweet snack, tea, coffee, and all equipment needed for the project.
Safety considerations: The project involves walking; the conditions may be icey, slippery, uneven, muddy, snowy or otherwise. You will be required to actively help carry equipment, lift and be involved. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Important information: 
- Wild Lab Projects is a local nonprofit founded by Wandering Owl in 2023. Learn more about it here.

- This activity 
is just one part of a larger ongoing project with Wild Lab Projects. You can read more about the project, the projects goals and why this project is so crucial here.

- Full terms for joining Wild Lab Projects can be found here.
- Always travel with travel insurance.
- All participants need to complete the eWaiver before the tour/activity start time. Here is the link to our waiver. It's one eWaiver per participant, no matter how many Wandering Owl activities you join.
- We suggest to download WhatsAPP before travelling to Norway. We prefer to use WhatsAPP or email when communicating with our guests. Remember to keep your phone handy on the day of the tour incase we need to make last minute changes or communicate with you.

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You have booked to Monitor Owls in the wilderness. This activity is supplied by Wild Lab Projects. 

Wild Lab Projects is a nonprofit that was founded in 2023 by Wandering Owl. As part of Wandering Owl's ongoing support of Wild Lab Projects, some software and services are provided by Wandering Owl - including the software you have used to sign up as a participant to this project. To ensure the most sustainable practices are in place, some equipment and services will be supplied from Wandering Owl and thus may have the Wandering Owl logo, address or contact information on it. Both Wild Lab Projects and Wandering Owl team members can assist you with any questions you may have :)

- Information about the meeting location: The pick-up location is in front of the Scandic Ishavhotel for all Wild Lab Projects activities and projects. Directions can be found here. There is no Wild Lab Projects signage but it's easy to find. We ask that you arrive 5 - 10 minutes early, please arrive on time - we can not delay the departure for participants that fail to arrive on time. Our facilitators will arrive 5 minutes before the departure time because the vehicle can not be standing in this parking zone for longer than 10 minutes. If there is snow or traffic, the facilitators might be slightly delayed.

- Please read our FAQ to be well-prepared for your time in Tromsø.

- If you would like to know more about Northern Lights or other interesting reads, like how to stay warm in the Arctic, to learn about our fav restaurants, bars, cafes and other things to do in Tromsø, please check out Wandering Owl's blog :)

Always travel with travel insurance. Wild Lab projects has a schedule that isn't flexible. The project start time or date can not be changed. If you can not attend the project for circumstances outside Wild Lab Projects control such as flights, illness, immigration or custom delays, or cruise docking being delayed, cancelled, or missed, etc rescheduling can not be offered. As each project needs a minimum number of participants to be able to execute the projects goal, it's crucial that participants are on time. All donations are non-refundable.

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