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Marine phytoplankton accounts for approximately 50% of all photosynthesis on Earth, underpins the marine food chain and plays a central role in the Earth’s biogeochemical cycles and climate. In situ measurements of ocean transparency can be used to estimate phytoplankton biomass. The scale and challenging conditions of the ocean make it a difficult environment for in situ studies, however. Citizen scientists using a simple white Secchi Disk can collect ocean transparency data to complement formal scientific efforts using similar equipment. Citizen scientist data can therefore help understand current climate-driven changes in phytoplankton biomass at a global scale. 

Wandering Owl & Wild Lab Projects support the Secchi Disk project, a global citizen science initiative and maintains contact with Dr. Richard Kirby, the scientist who started and leads the Secchi disk project. Wandering Owl provides the logistics by organizing and leading the trips to the sampling sites at sea, assists the participants to maximize quality data, and keep the participants updated about the outcome of the Secchi disk project.  

The data collected throughout the project will be used by our research partners in their ongoing study of phytoplankton.

Why is this project so important?

Approximately 150 words are need to explain this.

By participating in our project, your holiday in Northern Norway will contribute to important science on many different fronts & you will be leaving a positive impact behind on local ecosystems & the local community. 

What will you experience?

- Contribute to solving the data collection problem - that the ocean is immense & there are not enough helpers! 

- Have fun in a small group of like minded people, meet & spend time with people who have similar interests 

- Spend time in & experience nature & explore Norwegian wilderness​ 

- Learn new things & skills​ 

- Participate in a meaningful action, get a sense of purpose and achievement​ 

- Take part in a research project & become a citizen scientist 

- Learn about the Secchi Disk method

What are the goals of the project?

- Increase awareness among the participants & generate interest in marine litter as an environmental problem 

- Offer travellers alternatives that benefit science & nature conservation​ 

- Generate more data & knowledge to help solve the problem of beach litter 

- Encourage the participants to start similar cleanup missions elsewhere 

- Promote networking & join existing forces  

- Cooperate with local municipalities, involve locals​ 

- Partner with local teachers​ & schools 

- Collaborate with researchers & developers to help fine-tune the Deep Dive method 

- Clean up the shoreline & reduce the risks that poses litter to local wildlife  

What's the project plan?

This project takes place on a kayaking activity and goes for four hours. During your citizen science activity we'll kayak together along the northern Norwegian coastline to find the best place to take phytoplankton samples. After we have collected the samples, we'll paddle onto a small island to enjoy your home-made meal & to give you a small talk on phytoplankton & the role is plays in our local ecosystems & why the data you have collected is so important. Relax and keep a look out for reindeer on the white sand beaches, eagles circling above, ptarmigans, otters and other wildlife. Don't forget to look down into the water where you'll be able to see down to the sea floor. The water is crystal clear, offering an unforgettable kayaking experience. This citizen science kayaking activity is the best way to explore the coast of northern Norway & to contribute to the global monitoring of phytoplankton. After enjoying our famous home-made vegan & gluten free hot chocolate, we'll paddle back to Stonglandseidet, Senja. 

Details about this project

Season: spring, summer, & autumn
Duration:  4 hours
Group size: 2 - 6 adults
Minimum age: 13 years old (please assess your teenagers's interest for this activity, as all participants are required to contribute for the entirety of the project)
Meeting time: 10:50 in front of Senja Roasters, Stonglandseidet
Departure: 11:00 
Inclusions: All equipment needed, a light lunch, hot chocolate, tripods, & photos of the project in web-sized resolution

Safety considerations: This project involves kayaking, being in/on cold water, handling equipment that might be sharp or have contaminants, handling tools, carrying equipment on challenging terrain. The conditions and terrain may be wet, icy, slippery, uneven, muddy, snowy, sandy or otherwise. The temperatures may be hot or cold & will likely be windy & rainy at times so please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing under your drysuit. Ask us for information & clarification about what is considered appropriate so we can ensure you are properly prepared.

Important information you need to know before booking: This activity is not a private activity. Because this project is focused on giving a net positive impact on the local community, our chosen kayaks, meal ingredients & equipment has been specifically selected because it meets our needs & doesn't unnecessarily increase our impact.

Here are some links to important information about the project to help you understand our project better.




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