Arctic Reindeer Sledding

Sami cultural activity with Reindeer sledding from Tromso. Discover Sami culture & reindeer herding with our partner in the Arctic wilderness.

Arctic Reindeer Sledding

Are you searching for an unforgettable reindeer & local cultural experience? Sami culture is integral throughout the Arctic region. Their knowledge and connection with the reindeer in so important and unique. You'll learn about their community, traditional lifestyle and have the opportunity to feed the herd of around 200 wild reindeer who will swarm all around and some may even eat from your hands. The guides will also help you use the lasso (but not on real reindeer) and explain the purpose of this. You will then be given some guidance and history about reindeer sledding and go on a short sledding ride (5 – 10 mins) near the sea with the mountains in the background. Afterwards you will then be invited inside a game (a traditional sami hut) where you will be served warm drinks and a traditional Sami meal will be cooked over the fire (vegetarian option available). After lunch you will be invited into a lavuu (Sami tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture and how it is to be a reindeer herder. The Sami guide will also perform a joik (traditional Sami song) for the guests. Our trusted partners will bring you back to Tromsø city centre with a full stomach, heart-warming memories and open eyes.

3 - 4 hrs
Up to 100
Minimum Age
All ages
Nov 15th - Apr 8th
every day
Pick up
Radisson Blu Hotel; 10 AM (Morning)
warm lunch, coffee and snacks
1290 NOK
795 NOK (6-12 yrs)

Are you in?

Here is your activity map!

  • 1

    You'll be picked up

    in the city centre at 10:00 AM (Radisson Blu hotel)

  • 2

    Your journey starts

    as our partners drive you

  • 3

    Meet the reindeers

    and if snow permits, enjoy a short Reindeer Sledding experience and learn about Sami culture.

  • Our partner will bring you back happy, safe and sound to the city centre

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