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When to Visit Geilo

When is best to Visit Geilo? Good question. Below we have broken Geilo into the two main seasons, summer and winter. If you are looking for more info about Geilo village life, we’d suggest that you take a look at this article and learn about the local community.

The best time to experience Geilo

Geilo is a wondrous place for anyone seeking an authentic nature adventure. Due to its isolation and height above sea level, it provides a fantastic opportunity for adventurers seeking a more emersed vacation; but when should you go?

Winter Wonderland – December through April in Geilo

As Geilo sits 1178 metres above sea level and is a mountainous region. The winter months allow for a remarkable getaway for any seeking the thrill of activities in the cold. Skiing, ice fishing and hiking the great mountains by snowshoe are ready to be seized at this time of year. Whether you are a downhill enthusiast or cross-country lover Geilo has what you are looking for. With 39 slopes and 20 lifts, there is no shortage of downhill delights to pack your days with heart pumping adrenaline. For those who prefer the backcountry, ski touring is also available, if carving your own adventure mixing the hike and the ride is more your style. Like any popular Norwegian snow filled area, cross-country ski tracks are also available with Geilo offering 220Km’s to explore.
If skiing is not your style, or you are seeking a break from the slopes, why not try ice fishing. Relaxing on the frozen lake and land your very own catch of the day.
Of course, the mountains and forests also provide gorgeous landscapes to head out and explore, with a range of snowshoe hikes available for all ages and fitness levels.

Extreme Summer – June through August

For the summertime thrill seeker Geilo has what you need. The mountains that were once snow covered are now lush, green and rocky, just waiting to be conquered. It is the perfect opportunity for downhill mountain biking. Race, from the heights of the mountains down, navigating the vast trails for an unforgettable rush that will leave you awe-inspired and heart pounding.
With the snow gone it is also a great opportunity to hike some of the mountain region earning yourself jaw dropping views and enviable photographs of a Norway not many get to encounter.

With all of this available, no matter if you are a summer child or winter wanderer; Geilo has a perfect adventure waiting for you. Why not take a look at what Wandering Owl has on offer over the seasons to create your ultimate Geilo experience.

If you are interested in photography, why not take a look at our online photography courses and improve your skills before you arrive on vacation. Here is the link to Wandering Owl Online.

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