Summer in Senja for 2 adults

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This Christmas offer includes Kayaking, hiking and a summer night campfire. You can choose between day or night hiking and kayaking options, however the Summer Night Campfire must remain in the evening. To make the most of your time in Senja we suggest the below itinerary:

Day one:

Night Hike on the Wild Side

This summer activity offers a unique hiking experience in the light of the midnight sun. Haven't you ever wished to see the sun that never sets? How about gazing at majestic sceneries of mountains and fjords from a viewpoint? Up here you can have both. Come and take a walk with us in the light of the arctic summer night and experience nature a little bit closer. Wilderness is just around the corner! If you think laying back to watch the midnight sun is not fun enough for you... If you feel like exploring a little bit further, coming closer to nature and being rewarded by an amazing view from a height, this may just be the midnight sun activity that you are looking for. On this easy hike up a small mountain you will be able to shake the dust off your shoulders, breathe in fresh air and be amazed by what these Norwegian landscapes have to offer... all this in the warm colours of a never-ending sunset.

Day two:

Summer Kayaking on the Wild Side

Wilderness is just around the corner! Take a closer look at Norwegian summer islands & coastline as you kayak through arctic waters. This amazing kayaking activity brings travellers into the summer sea-scape. Explore the famous south Senja Bay of Islands. Experience the best heart-stopping views of Norwegian fjords, islands and mountains. During your adventure activity along the northern Norwegian coastline we'll find the best place to enjoy your home-made meal. Relax and keep a look out for reindeer on the white sand beaches, eagles circling above, ptarmigans, and other wildlife. Don't forget to look down into the water where you'll be able to see down to the sea floor. The water is crystal clear, offering an unforgettable kayaking experience. This summer kayaking tour activity is the best way to explore the coast of northern Norway. After enjoying a hot chocolate we'll paddle back to Senja.

Summer Night Campfire - Senja

Have you come this far north to see the never-ending sunset of the arctic summer nights? How about watching it sitting on a reindeer skin in front of a bonfire and having a warm home-made meal? Leave the town behind you and join us for an unforgettable experience. Lean back and relax while watching the sun, which lowers on the horizon but never sets below it... This is a tour for those who want to experience arctic nature and wilderness in a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. We’ll find a nice location overlooking the sea towards the north-west to enjoy the amazing shades of light of the arctic summer nights and ratatouille prepared over the fire.

The full recommended retail price is 9000nok for 2 adults, this special offer is 8640nok or 4320nok pp. Excludes accommodation.




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