Bike School Children's technical course

Child Price from
525 NOK per
2 hrs

Come along with us for this unique mountain biking course for children. The purpose of this course is for your child to learn technical skills necessary for riding a bike on various terrains. This follow on course has more focus on techniques and skills. As your child becomes familiar with the different aspects of this sport, we'll go deeper into key components such as balance, position, braking, cornering, jumping, and more.

Season: 15th June - 30th August
Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours 
Group size: 3 - 6 pax (Varies depending on the ages of the riders)
Minimum age: 6 years old (please assess your child's comfort & safety for this activity)
Meeting time: 10:00 (Sundays)
Meeting location: The front of Vestlia Resort
Return: Approximately 12:00
Inclusions: Instruction and a guided tour
Exclusions: Mountain bikes, helmets, and guards.
Safety considerations: The tour involves riding; the conditions may be icy, slippery, uneven, muddy, a bit snowy, hot, humid, windy or otherwise. The temperatures may be cold and windy please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing and has ample water for the course. Wandering Owl has appropriate liability insurances, but please ensure you have your own medical and equipment insurance, just as you would normally have.

Additional Safety Considerations relevant for winter season 2021/22 and summer 2021:
Wandering Owl has a duty of care to protect the health and safety of our team, our guests and to do our part are responsible community members. For this reason we have implemented the following standards in all our tours. Please read them before booking, by providing payment you have confirmed that you agree and understand these standards: Planning your Aurora Holiday during COVID-19.

After booking: After you book this activity you will be sent an immediate email with a link, this link contains some important questions regarding food preferences, equipment, allergies, contact details, and other important information we need from you in order to provide the best possible service for you. We ask that you complete the questions on the link as soon as you can, please allow about 5 - 10 minutes to complete this.


Guide Tax - Bike courses
0 % ( Price Inclusive )



Always travel with travel insurance, please read the terms and conditions before booking. See terms and conditions here: This must be displayed according to Norwegian taxation law: This tour (product) consists of one component: Component 1: Guiding 63% (component taxed at 0%) There is a non - refundable booking handling and labour fee of 200nok per booking.

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