How do I get to Geilo? Good question!

The vast landscapes and isolated beauty of the mountainous region makes you feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere. This hidden gem of nature tucked away in a pocket of Norway, so untouched and beautiful it is difficult to fathom. Geilo is worth travelling in both the winter and summer seasons. Follow this link to learn about the highlights from each season. So, how can we explore such a wondrous place and experience all it has to offer for ourselves?

How to get to Geilo

It’s easy! Whilst Norway is a vast nation of mountains and fjords the South in particular has a well-connected railway. After flying into Oslo, the easiest and most environmentally friendly was is to take the train. The line you will need is the Oslo to Bergen line, which you can take from Oslo central station. Once leaving the airport, you can take the airport train to Oslo central and connect to the Bergen line. Other than the cogent environmental argument for taking the train, this journey will allow you to see some of the epic sights of Norway that would otherwise be missed if you were concentrating on driving. You are able to sit back, relax and take in all the surroundings. Enjoy the ride as you weave in and out of Oslo and up into the mountains of South-Central Norway. Allow yourself to be immersed in the gorgeous nature and quaint villages that this journey takes you through.

The train runs at regular intervals, with an average of 3 trips per day so you’ll easily find one that suits your schedule 🙂 Tickets are able to be pre booked by visiting where you will be able to book your tickets and get yourself assigned seating.

Similarly, if you fly into Bergen, you can easily catch the Bergen to Oslo line. Departing Bergen Central, just follow the same line but in the other direction to your perfect holiday paradise in Geilo.

Why travel by train?

Wandering Owl is committed to limiting the environmental impact associated with tourist activities, and our philosophy is to cultivate a sustainable relationship with the gorgeous and vulnerable environment around us. Thus, the railway is the most effective way to achieve these goals, whilst affording you an incredible and unforgettable experience with us and on your journey to our stunning Owl’s Nest in Geilo.

Suggestions for before I go to Geilo

If you are heading to Geilo and interested in photography, consider improving your skills through online adult learning. You can learn more about it at Wandering Owl Online.

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