Geilo village is the perfect mountain village in Norway, it is no surprise that wonderful local initiatives such as Geilo 365 have emerged.

As you know, we aim to limit our impact and to always support local. We’ve teamed up with Geilo 365. Geilo 365 is a local initiative aimed empowering the local community and making deliberate steps to limit the impact to the local delicate eco-systems and to promote sustainable business practices. There are many such “destination managers” across Norway. These guys are a co-operative, and are proactive with their actions and goals. This means that Geilo 365 is owned by the members, so decisions are made in the best interests of members (like us, and other small companies in Geilo).

To be a member, you must be taking measurable steps towards minimising your impact, acknowledging where improvement is needed, and always supporting other local businesses as much as possible. All members are either already, or going through, the auditing process to become eco-certified.

If you are coming to Geilo, we’d suggest that you take a look at their site. The have listed all companies that are following these values and there is plenty of info on eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping local and things to do.

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