Geilo Summer Tours

Bike School in Geilo

Our bike school in Geilo opens every summer from June until August. We offer beginner and technical courses as well as our bike play session for smaller children. Our over 13’s training (Adults bike school) is suitable for beginners and riders who need to gain confidence and develop their skills. All our courses (beside bike play) includes training and practicing skills before going together with our trainer for a short ride in our beautiful local region.

About our bike school for children in Geilo

Drop your 8 – 12 year old with us for a 1.5 hour training session with our trainer. This activity includes learning skills needed to begin the pathway towards independent mastery of mountain biking skills. The beginner course is perfect for children to gain confidence riding, learn basic skills and have an enjoyable experience putting these new skills into practice. The follow on course (Children’s technical course) is designed for children who have already completed the beginner course or those who already have some experience with off road mountain biking. This course teaches children technical skills in the local bike park. Once these participants are confident, the group will go together for a bike tour in our local region and put these newly learnt skills into practice under the supervision of our trainer.

What is bike play?

Bike play is a special session reserved for children between 6 and 8 years old. This session is for these smaller children to enjoy time on their bike, experiment, learn by doing and have fun in the process. This informal learning session is import for small children to gain confidence in their own abilities, learn the lingo used in this sport and to develop trust and understanding in their equipment. The best part of this session is how much fun your child will have on their bike, the new friends they will make and the confidence they will gain.

Bike school for adults – Geilo

Bike school for adults is a combination of both the beginner skills and technical skills that the children learn in their training. Our trainer will include these skills and training in the beginning portion of the session, once each participant is successful, the skills will be put into action as we go along some short trials.

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