Pop Up Sauna

Get hot and chill out

Pop Up Sauna

Try our new wood-heated sauna on Saturdays! Perfect for after ski relax or meeting up with friends. Sit in our cozy hot sauna, step out to cool down or if you are brave enough roll in some fresh powder snow or take a dip in the nearby lake. What an energizing end for a day outdoors! If you get hungry we have some delicious food and hot drinks available for you to enjoy while chilling out around a bonfire with music. We have towel & slippers for rent or included in the 1h sauna product. You can wash yourself in the sauna with water heated in the oven. Old style, but perfect for getting warm, relaxed and clean! Book online, get 1 hour or 30 minutes reserved for you in the sauna at a time that suits you and your friends best. Before and after you're welcome to hang around as long as you want! NB. Transportation is not included in this product, the sauna is located in Kattfjordeidet, near the lake, 30-40 min drive from Tromsø city center. Check out the Pop Up sauna Facebook page for a map and updates on the events.

30 min or 1 h
max 6 at the time, several rounds possible
Minimum Age
January - April
on Saturdays
Pick up
transportation not included
available on site for purchase
from 150 NOK

Are you in?

Here is your activity map!

  • 1

    Some exercise first!

    A sauna is best consumed after some exercise.
    Consider planning your own ski or hiking trip in the morning or check our tours.

  • 2

    Reach the location

    In Kattfjordeidet, near the lake.
    Click here for a map.

  • 3

    Get hot and chill-out

    Heat your body and soul, socialize, roll in the snow or jumping in the icy lake!

  • Head home all warm and relaxed.

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