The Complete Owl Adventure

Aurora Hunt tour, Arctic Landscapes, Take a Walk on the Wild Side & Star Walk - all our tours in one package

The Complete Owl Adventure

Do you want to experience all of what we can offer? Then here is the complete package for you, inlcuding all the 4 tours in our winter program. All tours go to different locations and have been thought to give you very diverse experiences. This package includes 1 Aurora Hunt tour, 1 Arctic Landscapes tour, 1 Take a Walk on the Wild Side tour and 1 Star Walk tour, with a 10% discount on the second, third and fourth tour. Pick your dates!


Aurora Hunt

Enjoy the great experience of an encounter with one of the most amazing phenomena of nature

1 650 NOK
1050 NOK (6-12 yrs)
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Arctic Landscapes

Meet the breathtaking sceneries of Norwegian fjords and nature in arctic winter daylight

1200 NOK
650 NOK (2-12 yrs)
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Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Listening to the snow crackling under your snowshoes

1100 NOK
550 NOK (6-12 yrs)
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Star Walk

Night snowshoeing under a billion stars

1250 NOK
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min 2 days, suggested 3 days
2 - 15 (max 8 per staff)
2 - 8 for snowshoeing
Minimum Age
12 yrs
Dec 1st - Mar 25th
4 845 NOK

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