Active Explorer – Northern Norway in 5 Days

An active 5 days Self-Drive-Tour
Tromsø - Senja - Lyngen

Active Explorer – Northern Norway in 5 Days

An active vacation to experience the wonders of Northern Norway.

The journey is a 5-days self-drive tour starting and ending in Tromsø, travelling southward by the coast of Senja and northward via the inland roads and by the Lyngen Alps. The trip has been designed and customized for you to offer you the chance to see most beautiful and stunning landscapes of Northern Norway.

Day 1: Tromsø 


Arrival in Tromsø and pick up your rental car from the airport. Start your journey by exploring Tromsø and its surroundings by joining a guided tour with Wandering Owl!

Driving distance: Pick up rental car
Activity: Midnight sun hike

Day 2: Tromsø - Senja

©Hamn i Senja 

Leave the town behind and drive southward along one of the Norwegian Scenic Routes to Senja. The most spectacular feature of this stretch is represented by the steep mountains falling into the ocean.  The beaches are very inviting too, with their white coral sand. However the swim is for the bravest ones.
Driving distance: 55km + ferry + 70 km
Activity: -
(Optional Activity:) Relax Package

Day 3: Senja - Lyngen

©Basecamp Senja

Spend your day on Senja - the second largest island in Norway. Here you are welcomed by an inspiring composition of sea, mountains, beaches, fishing villages and inland areas. Choose a guided tour from activities proposed and make the most out of your visit on Senja. Your journey then continues and you reach the mesmerizing Lyngen Alps in the evening.
Driving distance: 200 km
Activity: Choose between Kayaking or Bicycling

Day 4: Lyngen 

© Siri Spjelkavik

Spend your day on a guided activity of your choice and experience the Lyngen Alps at its best. In the evening you have time to relax and say farewell to the midnight sun.
Driving distance: short (accommodation - activity)
Activity: Choose between Mountaineering for all levels (Glacier Hike) or RIB-Boat Excursion, Watersports or Bicycling
(Optional Activity:) Relax Package or traditional 3-course dinner with a Norwegian family

Day 5: Lyngen - Tromsø
Tromsø Panorama
© Knut Hansvold / www.nordnorge.com / Tromsø

Head back to Tromsø with lots of new experiences and good memories. It´s time to return the rental car and say goodbye. If you have not had enough of Northern Norway yet, we are happy to suggest you some other activities and things to do for the day.
Driving distance: 25 km + ferry + 50 km
Activity: -
(Optional Activity:) Go on a guided hike or join a Summernight Campfire

  • 4 x accomodation
  • 4 x breakfast
  • 3 x guided activities
  • Personalized travel plan
  • Info material about the area

Not Included:
  • Flights
  • Rental car
  • Optional activities
  • Ferries (approx. 300 NOK for one vehicle and all passengers)

Photo credits header & gallery: 
Hamn i Senja, Basecamp Senja, www.nordnorge.com (Frank Andreassen, Reiner Schaufler, Marten Bril, Bjarne Riesto)  


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5 days
Minimum Age
June - August
from 9 590 NOK (excl. flights & rental car)

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